November 21 - 23, 2024 @ Taipei, Taiwan
5th International Symposium on Education, Economics,
Psychology and Social Sciences
We cordially invite esteemed scholars, researchers, and practitioners to join us at the 5th International Symposium on Education, Economics, Psychology, and Social Sciences (ISESS) from November 21st to November 23rd, 2024, in Taipei, Taiwan.
ISESS 2024 stands as a beacon of intellectual exchange, providing a distinguished platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration at the nexus of education, economics, psychology, and social sciences. Anchored in scholarly rigor and academic excellence, this symposium offers a unique opportunity to delve into pressing issues, share groundbreaking research findings, and explore innovative solutions to global challenges.
As part of the symposium, we are pleased to announce a special session titled "Humanity in Cyberspace : Navigating Tech and People." In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the session seeks to unravel the complex interplay between technology and humanity, delving into the profound implications for individuals, communities, and societies at large. Through rigorous inquiry and thoughtful discourse, participants will engage in navigating the intricate landscape of cyberspace, with a keen focus on preserving human dignity, well-being, and ethical integrity amidst technological innovation.
The 3-day event will feature a variety of networking and discussions in various domains. The ISESS is calling for abstracts and full papers and would welcome the submission that falls within any of the areas listed below:
Special Session:
Humanity in Cyberspace : Navigating Tech and People
Digital Identity and Online Persona
Cyber-security and Privacy Concerns
Ethical Considerations in Digital Interactions
Social and Psychological Impacts of Online Communities
Digital Inclusion and Access Equity
Academic Sessions
Business and Management
Communication and Media
Economics and Finance
Humanities and Culture Studies
Law and Public Administration
Psychology and Society
Looking forward to seeing you in Taipei, 2024 . Please contact us by
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