2019 HongKong Conference Program is Available Now

Uploaded on 2019.04.16

Dear Delegate(s),

The conference program with presentation time slots is available. CHECK OUT NOW (CLICK HERE)

Please kindly check your paper/ author information immediately.
If your paper is missing or any information needs to be modified, please contact us via email before April 23 (Tuesday).

1. Please notice your presentation time and make sure to attend. Any emergency or absence, please inform the secretariat at isess@isess-conf.org in advance. No email will be applied on the conference date.
2. Please confirm author information, paper title, Oral/Poster. This information will also be on your certificate (issued by the session chair on-site).
3. Please confirm and download receipt at member center (click HERE) . No hard copy receipt will be given.
4. Any revision needed, please inform the secretariat in advance.
5. The conference committee has the right to adjust/ revise the program.
6. Submit within April 15 to May 6, 2019 -->will be collected in the conference program final version (announced on May 10, 2019)
7. If the author didn't complete the payment, the paper won't be collected in the conference program.


2019 ISESS Secretariat
International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences
June 04-06, 2019, Hong Kong